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Guiding You through the Dental Implant Procedure 

To ensure the success of your dental implants, Dr. Len Gerken will carefully plan your dental implant procedure and educate you on what to expect during each phase of treatment. With almost two decades of experience in planning treatment for dental implants, Dr. Gerken can lay the groundwork for long-lasting benefits at his office in Oro Valley, AZ,  and refer you to a trustworthy, experienced surgeon for placement and any preparatory procedures. 

Before Implant Surgery

To determine whether you are a good candidate, the surgeon will use advanced imaging to assess the quality and quantity of your bone tissue and the position of biostructures within your mouth. Prior to surgery, you will be asked to maintain certain healthy habits. For example, smoking can undermine healing and the success of dental implants. Furthermore, since uncontrolled diabetes can slow down your healing and increase the risk of complications, patients with diabetes may need to seek treatment to manage their condition.

Preparatory Procedures

If you require a bone graft, this procedure is usually performed three to four months in advance of implant placement surgery. The surgeon will take biocompatible grafting material place it in the jaw. Over the next four months, your new bone tissue will fuse with the surrounding jawbone and encourage new growth. When successful, you can move forward with your implant placement. Thanks to the help of local anesthetics, you should experience minimal discomfort during and after surgery. Patients are usually able to resume normal activities with only certain limitations.

Dental Implant Placement

On the day of your surgery, the surgeon will make an incision in the gum and place the predetermined number of implants directly into the jaw bone for maximum stability. In some cases, they may be able to provide a temporary restoration for your implants. 

Receiving Your New Tooth

Over the next few months, your body will heal and the implants will fully fuse with your jawbone. At this point, you will be ready to begin the process of receiving your new tooth. After your implants have healed, Dr. Gerken can take impressions of your smile and customize your crowns, bridges, or dentures.

For additional aesthetics, patients can opt for tooth-colored abutments made of zirconia or ceramics that better blend in with your smile. We work closely with a local lab who can create custom materials to fit your individual needs.

Ensuring a Safe Surgery

Our advanced technology, personalized touch, and 20 years of experience make Oro Valley Smiles a prime destination to plan your implant treatment. To learn more about the specifics of dental implant placement, call our office at (520) 498-0500 or contact our team online.

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The best dental office. Extremely professional and yet very personal, targeted care. They always make me feel so welcome and stress my dental health is of the utmost importance. Dr. Gerken may be the best dentist in southern Arizona. I recommend him to anyone who has fears or qualms about seeing the dentist. You will be absolutely amazed.

-Alexis C.